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11 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Busted Phone

Life isn't always avocado toast and latte art tbh.

1. When you go to snap a pic of your delicious food, but it comes out blurry.

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Ugh, now how are you gonna make everyone jealous if your dinner looks gross on Insta?

2. When your friends want you to download an app to join the latest social network, but you're out of space.

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Womp womp. No more friends for you.

3. When you can't run more than one app at a time, so you have to decide between music and the 'gram.


No one loves you.

4. When your notifications suddenly stop working, and you miss all of your appointments.

BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

"WHY ME???"

5. When it can't hold a charge and dies every five minutes.

Danisnotonfire/ / Via

6. When your touchscreen decides to quit, and you realize there are no other actual buttons you can press to fix it.

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They must have planned it this way.

7. When bae wants to video chat, but then you remember your prehistoric camera.

Oxygen / Via

It's a cruel, cruel world.

8. When your phone can't handle your favorite app's latest update.

9. When the headphone jack stops working.

booba1234/ / Via

Is there a reason? Of course there's not a reason.

10. When the GPS stops working, and you can no longer find your way around.

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Smh the millennial struggle is real.

11. When it gets the tiniest bit wet and suddenly bricks.

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You're on your own now!

It doesn't have to be this way.

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