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14 Things Only Fry Lovers Will Understand

Can I have a fry?

1. You pick your friends based on their ketchup habits.


We won't even talk about the third type: the packet squeezer.

2. You know the meaning of true harmony.


Salty, sweet, creamy, warm, cool.

3. But you also know the meaning of heartache.

Courtesy of Clark McCaskill

You were good, crispy lil' buddies. But our time has ended much too soon.

4. You know fries can be the perfect prop.

5. You wish your newsfeed had more of these wedding photos.

6. You lie awake at night thinking of the last fry in the box.

7. But you feel pure ecstasy when you reach into the bag.

Casey Cline / BuzzFeed

👏👏👏 It's not even my birthday.

8. You high-key rep your fry love at all times.

9. You try your best to make sure all your crispy yella fellas make it home safe.

10. You know how to immediately enhance your fries.

11. You have a particular strategy when getting takeout with your squad.

Chris Unera / BuzzFeed

All right, and here are your fries. *eyes bag* And these are mine. Let's dig in!

12. You know that fries make everything better.

Clark McCaskill

A nice little salty crunch to dance upon your tastebuds.

13. Your mouth waters when you think of the warm, salty, crisp goodness that is World Famous Fries.

14. You know the three beauties of the world: you, your country, your fries.

Celebrate your love of fries with McDonald’s Canada this #FRYDay.

Courtesy of McDonald's Canada