10 Gifting Rules Totally Meant To Be Broken

This holiday season, leave the etiquette tips to the old school. You never know – being the rebel could end up getting you every last lovely thing on that wish list of yours!

1. Taking off the price tag.

Listen, maybe every once in a while, someone needs to know what you mean to them… in the amount of a “casual mistake.”

2. Re-gifting.

If it’s in perfect-looking enough condition, what’s wrong with a little secret attempt to be “sustainable?”

3. Giving your most coveted wish list item to someone else.

It’s an ingenious little experiment in “testing the merchandise” before you make your own investment.

4. Giving gifts beyond "the basics."

How dare anyone accuse you of not being thoughtful! No matter what anyone says, underwear and socks should be flowing like water because one day someone will love you for coming through in the clutch.

5. Going on a total spree.

When you or the person you love checks out that holiday season credit card bill, just remind them you went on a tear for a higher purpose: POINTS, POINTS, POINTS.

6. Guesstimating.

If you round a size down on fashion items for your friends and loved ones, you could end up looking so flattering.

7. Really going for it without prior permission.

Why not get your little cousin a pet without asking your aunt and uncle first? It’ll make them REALLY happy — isn’t that what actually matters?

8. Deflecting when you get something weird you don't want.

Being gracious is one thing but let’s face it, if you’re also taught that honesty is the best policy, try it around the tree this year and see what happens.

9. Being subtle about your biggest wish list item.

Go full court press without your family and friends actually finding out for a while. Drop some hints and associations in the few weeks before the holiday frenzy, then at zero hour, outright see if they’ve been catching on.

10. Keeping monograms classy.

You can make anything personal with the skills of a little engraving! But maybe have a little fun this time to turn the prepster style on its head or “send a message” to someone for whom you didn’t really want to have to shop.

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