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The Ultimate Ranking Of Bigfoot Sightings

Bigfoot is real. How do we know? These sightings are enough to make anyone a believer. See if you can't catch a glimpse of him on the Animal Planet Bigfoot Cam, and catch the new season of Finding Bigfoot, Sundays at 10 p.m.

10. The Ketchikan Bigfoot — Alaska (2011)

putua76 /

This footage captures a shot of Bigfoot from behind a tree. With the smooth motions of every step, we find it hard to believe this sighting is not legit.

9. The Myakka Bigfoot — Florida (2008)

Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot / North American Film Enterprises /

The footage shows Bigfoot rising to his feet without using his hands, something that is not a normal human motion.

8. The Baby Boogie — The Catskills, New York (1997)

Animal Planet /

After viewing this video of an unknown creature swinging effortlessly between tree branches, experts determined that it was in no way human and might, in fact, have been a young Bigfoot traveling to meet his parent.

7. The Jacobs Bigfoot — Northwest Pennsylvania (2007)

Scientists believe that the photos captured by R. Jacobs' camera were that of a bear cub suffering from mange, not a young sasquatch. But close examination of the pictures show that the proportions and stance of the creature more closely resemble that of a primate.

6. The Tatra Mountains Bigfoot — Poland (2009)

This video will expel any remaining doubts. Bigfoot is not hiding behind any trees, but is rather in clear sight climbing on top of a rocky terrain.

5. The Memorial Day Bigfoot — Washington (1996)

Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot / North American Film Enterprises /

The footage was taken by Lori Pate with a Hi-8mm video recorder. Bigfoot is seen running across a field and then disappearing into the woods. Ms. Pate says that terrifying non-human screams could be heard just before the footage was taken.

4. The Patterson–Gimlin Bigfoot — Northern California (1967)

Patterson-Gimlin / / Via

One of the most famous instances of Bigfoot caught on tape, this footage of the hairy creature has been analyzed and reanalyzed countless times. Most skeptics believe it's a man in a monkey suit, but what about his impressive stature?

3. The Tehama County Bigfoot — Northern California (2013) / Via

This seems to be the latest in a string of sightings in Northern California. Experts believe there's no way the spotting could be that of a bear, because they usually hibernate this time of year and don't walk more than 15 feet on two legs.

2. The Ostman Bigfoot — British Colombia (1924)


Albert Ostman not only saw Bigfoot, but was allegedly kidnapped and held captive by him for six long days. In what sounds like the cutest start to a buddy movie ever, Ostman was picked up in his sleeping bag and carried into the woods by his new friend. He managed to escape by feeding the creature tobacco, which made it woozy.

1. The Boggy Creek Bigfoot — Southwest Arkansas (1950s)

This illustrious beast is well-known around the Fouke area and even inspired a multimillion dollar grossing movie in the '70s. In the years since, it has been shot at and seen by numerous people, including a police officer. Legend states that if you stare into the woods around sundown, it can still be seen from time to time.

Find out more about Bigfoot on an all new season of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, returning Nov. 10, at 10 PM E/P.