14 Life-Affirming Everyday Wins

Life really is all about the everyday wins. Here are a few tiny victories that can brighten up anyone’s day — and to keep the winning streak going, get the Quicksilver® card from Capital One® and start earning unlimited 1.5% cash back. #KaCHING!

1. When traffic is actually fun.

This cat feels your pain.

2. When you find money in unexpected places.

CC BY http://2.0 / Spring Dew / Via Flickr: 32959686@N00

Pockets, sofas, hanging out of a vending machine — finding that wrinkled bill is like winning the actual lottery.

3. When you go to the gym and it’s empty.

No sweaty bros — just you, the elliptical, and Real Housewives playing on all the TVs.

4. Getting free booze. Any kind. Anytime.

CC BY http://2.0 / jakob fenger / Via Flickr: 42934556@N00

Will drink. Thanks!

5. When your favorite show is having a marathon.

TLC / Via amazon.com

Turning on the TV to see that for the next eight hours you’ll be watching your favorite show is a feeling unlike anything else in life.

6. When it’s someone’s birthday at the office.

Which means CUPCAKES!

7. When you wake up and find your inbox empty.

Aubree Lennon / Via buzzfeed.com

Can this be real life?

8. Or when you wake up and it’s a snow day!!

Sweet serenity.

9. When you come home from work and all the dishes are clean.

CC BY-SA http://2.0 / noricum / Via Flickr: 43437767@N00

*”Hallelujah” starts playing in the background*

10. When the train pulls into the station right as you get there.

And then there’s an empty seat?! Who even cares what happens the rest of the day, you’re set.

11. When you find a great happy hour.

CC BY http://2.0 / Timothy Krause / Via Flickr: 33498942@N04

AND you have several hours of it left. SCORE!

12. When you wake up BEFORE your alarm.

All on your own, or with the help of a little kitty paw.

13. When you’re having an amazing hair day.

And there’s no humidity so it actually stays that way.

14. When you walk past puppies for sale.

CC BY http://2.0 / James Brooks / Via Flickr: 68679992@N00

And you get to pick them up and bury your face in their baby fur.

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