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Paid PostPosted on Jan 31, 2013

11 Unbelievable Inventions We Wish We Thought Of Ourselves

The limits of the human mind know no boundary. All these inventors had a creative vision and went for it. Celebrate Inventor's Day with GE on February 11th. Tweet what you want to invent using #IWantToInvent! The sky's the limit.

1. Toastabags: A Reusable Bag That Makes Grilled Cheese In Your Toaster / Via

Making grilled cheese in your toaster? (Without setting your toaster on fire!?) This is a college student's dream come true.

2. The Invisible Tree Hotel


Kids want very few things in life. They want to be invisible and have a cool treehouse. Now envision the Invisible Tree Hotel. Swedish firm Tham & Videgard Hansson conceptualized and created this amazing (almost) invisible tree house for a hotel in northern Sweden. It's a breath-taking illusion.

Image source: Facebook

3. Broom Groomer: For All The Annoying Dust Bunnies

Sweeping just isn't very efficient after the bristles get tangled with hairs and dust bunnies. That's why the Broom Groomer (envisioned by the people at Quirky) is a terrific invention that helps you clean the bristles right on your dustpan.

4. Washable Keyboard / Via

Admit it. You've dropped crumbs into your keyboard way too many times to remember. And every time you spill a drink? You hope and pray your computer keyboard doesn't get wet. This washable keyboard is the probably the best friend of anyone who works at an office, or any recluse who lives on the Internet all day. (They need keyboards too.)

5. Doggy Poop Freeze Wand

If you've ever walked in the streets of NYC, you know that dog droppings are a problem. This brilliant invention would totally help with doggy clean up. Nobody wants to carry Fido's droppings on their walk, so why not make it easier for dog owners?

6. Nubrella: A Hands Free Umbrella / Via

So you can be bubble boy for real! And honestly, how are you suposed to hold an umbrella when riding a bike? This ought to do the trick.

7. Water Removing Hairbrush

It's amazing how new this invention is (patented in 2011)! People with long hair can attest that washing your hair in the winter is no fun! Going outside with wet hair is uncomfortable and very cold. So inventing a device that is like a towel and hairbrush in one? Amazing.

8. Lockitron: For That Extra Peace Of Mind

Have you ever wished that you could lock and unlock your apartment door with your cellphone? The future is now. Lockitron is a lock system that allows you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere in the world. Now even if you forget to lock your door after you leave the house, you can have peace of mind.

9. Tricycle Lawnmower

You'd give this invention to your little brother, but it's really a gift for dad. Now he doesn't have to mow the lawn, and the rambunctious kids mow the grass while playing outside. You kill two birds with one stone.

10. Sleeping Bag Pants

You may laugh at the idea at first glance, but how cool would this be? Imagine you're out camping in the wilderness, and you need to get something outside your tent. Not a problem. You're nice and cozy with the sleeping bag pants.


What will they think of next?

11. Dolphin Boat

This lovely gem was patented in the '70s. You may not be impressed by this figure...

But check this out. / Via

Seabreachers are recreational boats shaped like dolphins, whales, and sharks. You can buy one for a mere sum of $65,000.00.

What Will You Invent?

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