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10 High-Tech Gadgets For Weirdos

Tech geeks, tinkerers, and eccentrics rejoice! We are living in the future, and it's a great time to be obsessed with technology. And if you like these things, you should get acquainted with littleBits and their modular electronic kits that let you build everything from robo cars to keytars.

1. A drone of one's own

According to the website, the purpose of this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is to spy on your crops. Nothing in the official literature suggests spying on co-workers, romantic rivals, and suspected terrorists. So... don't use it for that. (Wink.)

2. Turn your iPhone into a projector|SubCategoryWidget|755165p&catId=L3_PortableProject|L2_TravelGadgets|L1_Travel

What is the main problem with the iPhone? Well, if you said "there's no way to project my racy selfies onto a wall so everyone can see them," then you're gonna love this. BuzzFeed doesn't endorse any particular brand of iPhone projector, but we do like the conceit of this photo: that someone was on the ocean floor taking movies of sharks with their iPhone, and he's gone to a party to show everyone his footage.

3. The 3D pen / Via

The long, boring nightmare that is two-dimensional drawing has come to an end. The 3Doodler is essentially what you get when you cross a 3D printer with a pen.

4. LED bike spokes / Via

Futuristic technology solves two of cycling's oldest problems: 1) night safety, and 2) no animated cartoons in your spokes. If you don't think this is one of the coolest things in the world, check your math, because you're wrong.

5. Talk to the hand

Do you like talking on the phone, but wish you could look more like an insane person? Well, The Sharper Image has just the thing: It's a bluetooth glove that finally solves the problem of talking into a phone while... um... looking like you're talking into a pretend phone? Listen, we're not sure what problem this solves, but it's so preposterous that we kind of need to own one.

6. Bartendro: The Robot Bartender

The future of mixology is an open-sourced robot that a) can mix hundreds of drinks in an evening, b) you control from your tablet or smartphone, and c) you don't have to tip. Further proof that we're already living in the future.

7. Hovercraft golf cart

Amaze and terrify the rest of the squares at the country club. After all, what's the worst thing about golf? If you said, "Having to navigate your cart around those pesky obstacles instead of hovering right past them like a tycoon from the future," you're right!*

*(If you said, "Golfers," you are also right.)

8. Killer whale submarine

What do you get for the aquatic supervillain who has everything? Hammacher Schlemmer suggests the killer whale submarine, which can reportedly leap 16 feet above water. The only potential downside is that it feeds exclusively on robot seals, which are hard to find.*


9. Ghost hunting kit

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, go online and order this high-tech, super-classy ghost hunting kit. Makes a perfect gift for that rare breed of consumer who is at once educated about technology but also, somehow, still believes in ghosts.

10. Desktop 3D printer

You can forget about calling yourself an engineering geek if you don't have, or at least obsessively covet, a 3D printer. 3D printing technology is progressing at an insane pace to the point where it's possible to print actual, functioning human body parts. While your desktop models can't do that, you can print the hell out of toys, models, gears, tools... It's a small step away from being able to print a 3D printer with your 3D printer, and when that happens... *mind blown*.

And, if you're the more hands-on type, build your own gadgets with littleBits kits.

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For example, get your DIY on and make your own Robotic Butler.