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18 Reasons Pickles Are The Perfect Food

Got a craving? Chili’s house-made garlic dill pickles are hand seasoned then soaked in brine for two hours. So... get moving.

1. They're made by the power of the sun!

2. They can be super sweet...

3. ...or sour, or dill...

4. ...or fried!

5. They can be bite sized...

6. ...or giant!

7. And sliced or speared!

8. The pickle jar is a thing of pure beauty.

9. They fit in perfectly everywhere.

You can add pickle juice to your martini and completely change the game.

10. They're great on hot dogs...

11. ...with pork...

12. ...on cupcakes...

13. ...and on pizza, of course. >:]

14. You can use them as a glass.

15. They are the most festive of all pickled treats.

Some people hide pickle ornaments in their Christmas tree and invite guests to try and find it. The person who spots the pickle gets an extra pickle present.

16. They're always there for you.

17. Your sandwich would just look sad without its little green friend.

18. Because everyone needs a pickle.

You can't beat the perfection of Chili's house-made garlic dill pickles.