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11 US Towns That Are Best Explored By Bike

As someone once said, "You can't buy happiness. But you can buy a bike, and that's pretty close."

1. Fort Collins, Colorado

Charles Wilgren / CC by 2.0 / Via

Considered one of America's most bike-friendly communities, Fort Collins definitely prides itself on this label. The city has plenty of bike-themed events, from the colorful Tour De Fat to the annual Bike To Work Day.

2. Bend, Oregon

LParkerPhotography / Via

Bend's commitment to bike friendliness goes back decades, and it has been recognized as one of America's most bike-friendly towns. With plenty of trails, scenery, and breweries to discover, people can pedal to countless engaging destinations.

3. Key West, Florida

CircleEyes / Getty Images / Via

Biking is pretty much a way of life in Key West. The town is only four square miles, so getting from one end to the other is a snap. There are also plenty of trails for bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy.

4. Davis, California

Peter Alfred Hess / CC by 2.0 / Via

Davis has repeatedly been declared the most bike-friendly city in the US, and the town takes this title very seriously. Davis's bikes easily outnumber its cars. The key to its success? It started early. Davis opened its first bike lanes in 1967.

5. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Alexeys / Getty Images / Via

It seems unfair to say that Mackinac Island is very bike friendly, because the truth is that the island has been car free since 1898. The island is only accessible by bridge or ferry, and in the summer months up to 10,000 bikes are on the streets of this 3.8-square-mile island.

6. Missoula, Montana

Chris Phan / CC by 2.0 / Via

Missoula was recently honored by the League of American Bicyclists with the group's gold-level bike-friendly distinction, an honor reserved for only 16 communities in the US. Also, the town continues to implement bike-only lanes and bridges.

7. Boulder, Colorado

Miguel Malo / Getty Images / Via

Boulder is a city that's defined itself by its bike culture. It's constantly ranked in the top 10 most bike-friendly cities, and it's definitely worthy of that distinction. There are plenty of bike lanes for the casual commuter and miles of more intense mountain-biking trails within minutes of the city.

8. Chattanooga, TN

Brett VA / CC by 2.0 / Via

Chattanooga has the distinction of being the most bike-friendly community in its state. Over the past few years, the city has beefed up its infrastructure and placed an emphasis on bike- and pedestrian-friendly improvements, including river paths and street art.

9. Greenville, South Carolina

James Willamor / CC by-sa 2.0 / Via

Greenville is new to the bike-friendly scene, but it's quickly staked its claim as one of the fastest-improving bike communities in the US. In 2011, it only had 22 miles of bike lanes, and by 2015 that number had grown to 60. Greenville plans to have nearly 140 miles of bike lanes eventually, and it will apply for a silver-level distinction from the League of American Bicyclists this year.

10. Portland, Maine

Zhudifeng / Getty Images / Via

While many associate that other Portland with bike friendliness, this town lives up to the name by having plenty of trails for all levels of cyclist. Maine as a whole is known for being one of the most bike-friendly states in the country, so once you've explored all of Portland, why not consider conquering the entire state?

11. Austin, Texas

Triciadaniel / Getty Images

Austin earns its bike-friendly distinction mostly by way of having more than 250 miles of bike lanes, 30 of which are separate or protected. Cyclists can explore the city's different neighborhoods by participating in local biking events or mapping out their own route.

What's your favorite bike-friendly city? Let us know in the comments!

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