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13 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

OMG, I need to try that. No, seriously. My life depends on it.

1. The need to document basically all your meals...

2. well as the need to try every dish at the table.

3. Not to mention multiple varieties of the same thing.

4. Daydreaming about food and planning meals in advance.

ABC / Via

5. The willingness to stand in line for two hours to try the newest thing.

Jaysin Trevino / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: orijinal

6. And the conviction to save money solely for food travel.

7. Cringing when your dinner companions mispronounce things...

Shots Studio / Via

8. ...and sometimes feeling the need to correct them.

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9. The insane reaction you have when delicious food is set down in front of you.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

10. Having the utmost respect for people who cook.

11. Feeling offended when people underestimate your love of food.

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12. Knowing that some people think you're a huge snob...

13. ...because they just don't understand.

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