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The 6 Things You Need To Eat Right Now

Put down your kale and your oatmeal—there is a big tasty world out there! #GoInSix with Visa. This is a definitive list of the best dishes around. It'll only take six seconds to get hungry.

1. This dry-aged steak in Spain.


El Capricho in Jimenez de Jamuz, Spain has the world's most unbelievably delicious steak. This steak is dry-aged for 90 days before being seared and sprinkled with coarse salt. YUM!

2. A cronut: a donut and croissant.

James Spencer / Via

Cronuts are the most sought after pastries out there right now. The Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City has people going crazy for cronuts, which are exactly what they sound like—donuts + croissants, and sometimes they are filled with cream. These guys are so good they are seriously being sold in a cronut black market.

3. Lobster rolls you wanna roll with.

Joseph Lin

Luke's Lobster, which you can find all over New York City and the D.C. and Philly areas, is known for succulent lobster meat stuffed generously into hot dog buns. Just look at that buttery deliciousness.

4. Tasty gourmet food like a celebrity.

Mitchell Davis / Via

Eleven Madison Park might be a little pricey but where else can you order sea urchin custard and CUCUMBER SNOW? You must dine like this at once!

5. Crispy, gooey pizza in New England.

Jaymee Sire / Via

This pizza from Frank Pepe Pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut is considered to be better than any pizza in Italy OR New York. Just look at how authentico it looks!

6. Torchy's Southwest tacos are the best.


The taco's from Torchy's in Austin, Texas are considered some of the best in the world, because look at them. Fresh cilantro, steak, limes, cheese, carrots—which you never knew were good in tacos. The goodness is all there and we're stoked about it.