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7 One-Of-A-Kind Eateries In Rhode Island And Massachusetts

We came. We Saw. We Ate. Perhaps the best part of any road trip is the food you eat along the way. We hit several fun restaurants on our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip. Here's an inside look at some of our favorites.

1. Olneyville New York System

Olneyville New York System in Providence, RI has been serving hot wieners from lunch to late night since 1946.

Don't you dare call them "hot dogs."

What goes on a hot wiener? Ground beef, diced onions, mustard, and celery salt.

Sal, one of the several local, seasoned chefs at Olneyville, has been cooking hot wieners at Olneyville New York System for 33 years.

Looking for another tradition that's only in Rhode Island?? Order your hot wiener with a tall glass of coffee milk.

2. The Beef Barn

The Beef Barn in North Smithfield, RI offers an extremely unique dining experience. Their small kitchen sits in the middle of the restaurant with its old-fashioned menu overhead. Grab a seat in the silo, the chicken coop, or pull up a stool to the bar.

You can't go wrong with a $3 roast beef sandwich.

3. White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern has been serving fresh farm-to-table food since 1673, making it the oldest continually operating tavern in the country. The White Horse was a regular haunt for Colonists, British soldiers, and early Americans.

Why the name? In 1673, not everyone had the fortune of learning how to read, so different establishments were identified by symbols — and taverns were marked with white horses.

The 1673 Burger is life-changing.

4. Haven Brothers Diner

Originally a horse-drawn lunch cart in 1888, the Haven Brothers Diner is the oldest operating restaurant on wheels and therefore, a staple of Providence, RI.

If you're hungry, go for the Triple Murder Burger. The chicken sandwich with french fries and marinara sauce is also delicious, and quite filling.

5. Clam Box

The long line at the Clam Box in Ipswich, MA is well worth the wait. This landmark seafood joint has been frying up fresh clams and scallops for families north of Boston for over 60 years.

The fried clams are a must, as are the scallops.

6. Flour Bakery

With four locations around the greater Boston area, Flour Bakery is a must the next time you’re in town. The Breads, pastries, soups, salads, and sandwiches are all made fresh in-house daily.

Eat a sticky bun. Die happy.

7. Union Oyster House

The Union Oyster House in Boston is the oldest restaurant in the country and a National Historic Landmark. If that's not reason enough to make a visit, the food is also phenomenal.

When in New England, order clam chowder. We enjoyed several bowls during our road trip, and The Union Oyster House was, hands down, the best.

And fish and chips. Because why not.

All photos by Joseph Lin / BuzzFeed


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