The 14 Most Delightful Animals Making Cute Noises

Believe it or not, these animals sound as cute as they look. GEICO customer service strives to bring you as much delight as the cry of a ticklish penguin. Just listen to this!

1. This fennec fox, who was out a little too late last night with his friends.

Dro Simoes

2. This desert rain frog. Sure it looks like a baby dragon, but it sounds adorable!

Dean Boshoff

3. This lion cub attempting to roar like his dad. You'll get there someday, champ!

Rachel Kane

4. This dormouse who was also up too late. Maybe he was partying with that fennec fox.


5. A penguin who CAN'T HANDLE THE TICKLES.

Brock Loeven

6. This Boston Terrier, who also can't handle the tickles.


7. This guinea pig, who like most guinea pigs, sounds like he's doing a bird impression.


8. This baby goat, who is probably sayings NO FENCE CAN HOLD ME!

Supermom K

9. This baby cheetah, who isn't quite ready to go super fast yet.


10. This duckling, who is trying his best to keep up! Wait for him!


11. This cat, who is enthusiastically saying NOM while eating some sour cream.


12. This baby husky who just woke up. He can't even open his eyes yet!

Christopher Reed

13. This baby sloth climbing around a jungle gym like a pro.


14. And this baby alpaca, who just wants to play with a dog! Is that too much to ask??


And finally, this camel, who is really pumped about his day.

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