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13 Things Needed To Keep Your Halloween Party Classy AF

Give your guests more than candy treats. Get the cauldrons bubbling with a bottle of Freixenet Cava sparkling wine (it's straight from Spain).

1. A dimly lit pathway.


Set the scene with some spooky ambience.

2. Backup costumes.


There's always that one guest who "forgets" (yeah, sure...) or "didn't realize" (you got the invite...) that it was a costume party. Pick up some simple party masks so they don't feel left out (ruin it for everyone else).

3. Golden skulls...

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

4. ...and cork spiders.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

This isn't just any Halloween party. Paint your skulls gold and make spiders out of wine corks. Even the biggest scaredy-cats will appreciate your classy details.

5. Haunted mirrors.

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Leave the blood and gore to the haunted houses — give your party just the right amount of eeriness with a haunted mirror. Make your own by spraying the inside of a picture frame with glass finish spray paint. Print a spooky black-and-white picture to place behind it. Note: Keep the layer of paint light in the center to ensure the image comes through.

6. Black magic (aka candles).

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

Witches are the classiest betches of Halloween. Channel their essence and cast spells on your guests with a centerpiece of black candles.

7. Billowing smoke.


Place dry ice inside jack-o'-lanterns and position them around the party to add to the atmosphere with rolling smoke flowing across the dance floor.

8. Printed menus.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

It's probably the easiest thing you can do that will impress your guests the most. Take the time, plan out your meal, and make up spooky names for each dish and Cava cocktail.

9. Unconventional plating.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava
Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

Serving soup? Serve it up the classy way and dish it out in individual acorn squashes. Prepping the soup bowls is easy. Just scoop out the inside, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. Rotate the pan once during cooking.

10. Dark desserts.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

Carry the scary color scheme all the way to dessert. Put an eerie spin on a fall classic by adding black gel food coloring to your caramels. For maximum spookiness, serve while dressed up as the Evil Queen.

11. Baked good embellishments.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

Even if you can't cook, at least you can find some fun Halloween toppers to haunt up your treats.

12. Witches' brew.

Courtesy of Freixenet Cava

The one definite thing you need at your classy party is a scary next-level drink. Start with a smoking cinnamon stick (yep, light it on fire) and place it in an empty glass before you pour in your cocktail. Present the drink in a glass case to hold in the smoke. Let out your best evil laugh as they take the first sip, falling victim to your killer party skills.

13. A photo booth.


Everyone LOVES a photo booth. Create your own backdrop and collect some fun props for guests to use. If you're able to print the pictures, they'll serve as the perfect party favors.

Put the perfect cap on a successfully spooky party by enjoying a glass of the world's favorite bubbly, Freixenet Cava. Please pop responsibly. / Via Courtesy of Freixenet Cava