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12 Of The Worst Things You See Travelling Home In December

"If I see another bag on a seat, I'm going to cry."

1. The empty space in your bag where your umbrella should've been.

2. Swarms of Christmas shoppers filling up Oxford Street.

3. Hordes of people blocking the entrance to the station.

4. People holding up the ticket barriers.

5. Congested escalators.

6. Pole hoggers.

7. Christmas shopping bags on seats.

8. Forgotten Christmas shopping bags.

9. Attention-seekers.

10. Intoxicated revellers.

11. Said revellers falling asleep.

12. Party people carrying on their festivities.

No matter what you do this festive season, take extra care when using public transport, and travel safely.

What are the worst things you could see on your journey home? Let us know in the comments!

Find out more at TfL's website here.