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14 Historic Paintings That Would Benefit From A Burrito

The purpose of the burrito is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Go ahead, find your purpose at Chili's.

1. Woman With a Red Zinnia and Then Burrito, 1891

2. Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman With Tasty Burrito, c. 1510

3. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte With Burritos, 1884

4. Peasant Girl With a Straw Hat and a Burrito, 1881

5. Portrait of the German Composer Ludwig van Burrithoven, c. 1804

6. Woman With Red Hair and Breakfast Burrito, 1917

7. Camille Monet on a Bench While Gentleman Eyes Her Large Burrito, 1873

8. Studying With Mexican Food Cylinder, 1872

9. Femme au Burrito Café, 1902

10. Sacred Spring, Sweet Burrito, 1894

11. Die Sängerin mit dem Burrito, 1878

12. Dinner With the Grain Merchant's Daughter, 1625

13. Femme au Burrito, c. 1875

14. Sorrowing Man Grieves Fallen Burrito, 1890

All burritos via Thinkstock

Of course, true works of art are better experienced in person. Find a burrito with perfect composition at Chili's.