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19 Terrifying But Gorgeous Abandoned Places In Canada

Beauty and decay. Explore your world with the 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek. It's up for it, if you are.

1. This abandoned floor factory in the old port of Montréal:

2. This old mill in Balaclava, Ontario:

3. This creaky grain elevator in Dorothy, Alberta:

4. This DC-3 wreckage at Crowsnest Pass, Alberta:

5. The inside of this abandoned house near Hamilton, Ontario:

6. The tags on the outside of the Omnipac Factory when viewed from inside:

7. This windblown homestead on the Canadian Prairies:

8. This abandoned wharf in the Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia:

9. This warped house on Prince Edward Island:

10. This derelict Ukrainian church on the Saskatchewan plains:

11. This empty indoor pool at Camp 30, Ontario:

12. These forgotten telephone booths in Ashburn, Whitby, Ontario:

13. This abandoned barn in Manitoba:

14. This oil derrick located outside Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories:

15. This dilapidated community hall in Alberta:

16. This scuttled boat in Nova Scotia:

17. This tiny schoolhouse left behind on the Saskatchewan plains:

18. This industrial facility in Ontario:

19. And this abandoned house in Nova Scotia that someone decorated with Christmas lights:

Have the courage to explore your world — and drive a vehicle that's up for it.

The plane wreckage is of a DC-3 Dakota in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. An earlier version of this post had the wrong location and plane type.