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14 Vacations For Every Type Of Hardworking Human Being

Believe us when we say: You need this. Escape your routine by taking a 24-hour test drive of any new Buick.

1. For the person who can't eat another forkful of #SadDeskLunch:

Take a culinary tour of the Napa Valley.

California has a mighty agriculture industry, meaning they also have some of the best produce in the nation. Good ingredients = good food, especially when you're cooking under the watchful eye of a master chef.

2. For the person who wakes up early, even on weekends, thanks to your job:

Can't sleep in? Witness the very first crack of dawn on the top of Cadillac Mountain before all your co-workers back in the office. Be sure to explore Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse while you're in the area. It's not to be missed!

3. For the person who shivers in their cold office all day:

4. For the person who is really tired of dealing with clients:

Get away from everyone by visiting the most remote area of your state.

5. And for the person who can't do anything without their work BFF:

The drive is gorgeous, the coastline is stunning, the elephant seals are massive, the hikes are scenic, and you can spend the night in yurts at Big Sur. Just the adventure two work associates need to do some serious out-of-office bonding! Now if you could only devise a way to expense the trip...

6. For the person who's low-key dating a co-worker:

Look for private residences for rent in your area or seek out a destination property like this cabin in Skykomish, Washington, or this remote Alaskan Lodge.

7. For the person who's developed a physiological caffeine dependency:

Detox in the beautiful desert of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona was spiritually important to Native Americans and continues to be a place of spiritual healing today. Some believe energy vortexes flow through the desert valley, twisting the juniper trees and carving the landscape. Let the ancient energies work their magic; you'll forget coffee in no time.

8. For the person who cannot stand one more word of business jargon:

Take a silent retreat.

9. And for the person who dreams of working at a standing desk:

10. For the person who keeps saying "I'm going quit my job and write a novel":

Energize your writerly self by going on a vision quest that defined a generation with serious wanderlust. Or maybe just stop making excuses and start writing.

11. For the person who doesn't find inspiration in their work:

Visit the eclectic art community of Marfa, Texas.

Nestled in the meditative deserts of west Texas, the quaint community has inspired artists for decades. Marfa is filled with world-class art installations to contemplate, many of which are found at the Chinati Foundation. It's the perfect setting for the inspiration-seeker.

12. For the person who is just SO OVER IT:

13. For the person who spaces out for basically 90% of the workday:

Take a commercial trip to space.

If you spend your days with your head in the clouds, you might as well put your literal head in the literal clouds. You could be that pioneer who makes #spaceselfie a thing.

14. And finally: For the person who's reading this post right now and thinking, I definitely need a vacation.

Hit the museums, chill at the park, eat some delicious food, see a show, and paint the town red. You deserve it.

For the person who sits in traffic every day: test-drive something that will help you enjoy your time behind the wheel.

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