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14 GIFs That Prove Everything Looks Better With Explosions

Embrace your explosive side with Sacha Baron Cohen's new action comedy Grimsby, at cinemas from Wednesday 24 February.

1. This handshake gone horribly wrong:

2. This cat making a heroic entrance:

3. This bird, who picked the perfect time to leave the warehouse filled with bad guys:

4. These bees, who needed to pay more attention in driving school:

5. This video game that couldn’t handle the unstoppable force of two immovable objects:

Nintendo, Super Smash Brothers / Via

6. This cat, who picked the wrong fight: / Shutterstock

7. This panda taking evasive action:

8. This cat, who learned that you NEVER push the red button, no matter how comfortable it looks:

9. This deadly shark attack:

10. This cat, who OH GOD YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE: / Via / Shutterstock

11. This waffle dramatically tumbling into oblivion:

12. This combustible skater boy, who shoulda thought twice before drinking and riding:

13. This dog channelling his inner John McClane:

14. This extreme unicyclist, proving once and for all that you either go big or go home:

Thirsty for more explosions? Then check out new action-comedy Grimsby at cinemas nationwide from Wednesday 24 February!

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