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11 Budget-Friendly Alternatives To Expensive Ingredients

Let's be real: No one likes to buy pricey ingredients they'll only use once. Make sure to check out Stop & Shop's products for the same quality at a lower price.

1. Instead of truffles, try some porcini mushrooms.

Who can afford a $200 vegetable anyway? Porcini mushrooms will provide you with the rich flavor that your dish needs.

2. Ditch the saffron. Use turmeric.

Turmeric has a beautiful flavor that creates an ideal substitute for any rice dish or paella.

3. Choose skirt steak over filet mignon.

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Not everyone can afford a filet mignon, but don't worry: Skirt steak is just as tender.

4. Try peanut butter and water instead of tahini.

This is a great tip because peanut butter will always be in your pantry, so you don't have to stare at a dusty, barely used jar of tahini for three months.

5. Apples are the new berries.

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DigiPub / Getty Images

Seasonal berries are wonderful for tarts and pies, but if you're looking to save some money without losing flavor, substitute apples into any recipe.

6. And rosemary is a great substitute for juniper berries.

Juniper berries tend to linger in your fridge for weeks. Rosemary is an ingredient you can use in countless recipes, which makes it an ideal grocery list item.

7. Whole milk and lemon juice > buttermilk.

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Real talk: No one uses all of the buttermilk that they buy for a recipe. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to each cup of whole milk.

8. Like maple syrup? Brown sugar mixed with water is just as good.

Organic maple syrup can cost as much as $14 a bottle. Brown sugar's rich flavor is an ideal substitute.

9. Add pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts.

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Pumpkin seeds provide the same crunch and a similar flavor. You won't even miss 'em.

10. Invest in soy sauce over Worcestershire sauce.

GO! / Sam Reinders / Getty Images

If you're deciding between the two condiments, you'll definitely use soy sauce more. It's an ideal placeholder for any marinade — and you won't tell the difference.

11. And cream cheese mixed with some heavy cream is the perfect substitute for mascarpone.

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Mascarpone is tasty but cream cheese and heavy cream are an insanely delicious alternative option. Trust us, try it.

Next time you shop for your favorite ingredients, remember that Stop & Shop offers their amazing brand name products for the same great quality at a lower price.