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14 Tiny Texas Towns That Are Totally Worth The Trip

The Lone Star State is a haven for the small and quaint. Make sure the journey is as fun as your destination. Born of sports car heritage, the new Porsche Macan is almost too much fun to drive. Key word: almost.

1. Round Top, Texas

Round Top is a beloved community nestled between Austin and Houston on U.S. 290. The town is renowned for its antique show, the pie at Royers Cafe, and its arts scene. Every summer, the town hosts students at the Festival Hill music institute and the Shakespeare at Winedale program, which provide locals and visitors with incredible symphonic and theatrical performances.

2. Archer City, Texas

Archer City is a quaint town located south of Wichita Falls that is the birthplace of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry. The town is home to Booked Up, a rare bookstore owned and operated by Larry McMurtry, and the Royal Theater, featured in the book and film The Last Picture Show. McMurtry fans can't miss it!

3. Pecos, Texas

Located between Dallas and El Paso, Pecos is known for its cantaloupes, its heritage, and its association with Texas Folk Hero Pecos Bill. But the biggest draw in Pecos is the world's first rodeo, which still takes place every year.

4. Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley is a sleepy little town located in the Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin. Wimberley boasts a number of attractions, including wildflowers, arts and crafts fairs, wineries, and natural features like the Jacob's Well swimming hole pictured above.

5. Marfa, Texas

Marfa is an internationally renowned art community in the deserts of West Texas. Though it's a long drive for most, it's not to be missed. The town is home to art installations by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and others; modern art galleries; and fine dining. At night, visitors can view the "Marfa Lights," a natural phenomenon that could be the work of alien life. Marfa has a number of hotels, but many visitors prefer the kooky and quaint bohemian trailer park known as El Cosmico.

6. Luckenbach, Texas

Listen to Waylon Jennings and head to Luckenbach, Texas. The Hill Country Hamlet is north of San Antonio and west of Austin. Founded as a joke by Hondo Crouch in 1970, Luckenbach is a laid-back music and entertainment destination. Come see a show, stay in a B&B, and chill out for a spell. 'Cause out in Luckenbach, Texas, ain't nobody feelin' no pain.

7. Poteet, Texas

Located south of San Antonio, Poteet is renowned for its Strawberry Festival that occurs every April. It's a Texas party through and through, with country music performances, live auctions, a rodeo, a carnival, and plenty of strawberry-themed foods. Head on down to Poteet for a berry good time!

8. Rainbow, Texas.

Drive southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth until you find Rainbow. This Texas town completely lives up to its name – in both weather and fauna. In the 1890s, area residents gathered to name their community. A rainbow spread across the sky and the townspeople were inspired. Today, Rainbow is known for the fields of wildflowers that bloom there every spring. Can you get a rainbow pic in Rainbow?

9. Turkey, Texas

Turkey is a little city northwest of Fort Worth in the Texas Panhandle. The town was the home of Bob Wills, famed swing musician, and hosts the Bob Wills Day celebration every spring, featuring a parade, a fiddling contest, cook-offs, dancing, and more. Don't miss the old-timey general store Lacy Dry Goods, which has been in business since 1927.

10. Fredericksburg, Texas

11. Possum Kingdom, Texas

Possum Kingdom is a lake community located West of Dallas/Fort Worth. The lake offers beautiful camping and water sport opportunities. It was also the site of the 2014 Cliff Diving World Series. At night, be on the lookout for possums – there are plenty.

12. Lockhart, Texas

Lockhart is the most famous barbecue destination in the world because of its four legendary barbecue joints: Black's Barbecue, Kreuz Market, Smitty's Market, and Chisholm Trail Barbecue. There's plenty to do in town besides eat, but you might find it hard to move around after you eat your fill.

13. Ennis, Texas

Ennis is a little town south of Dallas known for its motorsport events and its Czech heritage. The world record drag racing speed of 333.95 mph was set on its drag strip, and the National Polka Festival is held there every year. But Ennis' most beautiful attraction is its gorgeous wildflower display each spring.

14. Gruene, Texas

Last but certainly not least, Gruene, Texas is a historic community just off of I-35 between San Antonio and Austin. It is home to the country's oldest dance hall, the Gruene general store, numerous bars and antique shops, excellent restaurants, and tubing and rafting outfitters. So put on your boots, and Texas two-step your way on over. You'll have one hell of a time.

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Make the best of your drive. In fact, make it the best part of your trip.

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