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14 Pets That Are Here To Help You With Your Problems

For anyone who's having a rough day, pets always know the right things to say. Thanks, pets.

1. Your rent just went up AGAIN.

2. You said something funny in a meeting today, and nobody laughed. Not a single person.

3. Your crush is leaving flirty comments on someone else's photos.

4. Sure, you bombed on trivia night at the bar. But...

5. You missed your train, and stepped in gum with your new shoes.

6. Your date flaked on you. For the second time.

7. You've been walking around all day with your pants unzipped.

8. Your ex and their new fling have been posting a disgusting amount of photos together.

9. There's absolutely nothing flattering about your outfit.

10. You're feeling nervous about a big presentation at work.

11. No one has liked the Instagram photo you just posted.

12. You're worried this paper you're about to turn in is terrible.

13. You haven't been to the gym in a week.

14. You got a parking ticket, forgot your keys, you're late to work, and rent was due a week ago.

Pets are always there to make you feel better about things. If you're ready to give a pet some love, take #thepetstep and search for your perfect companion here.

'Cause Pets Add Life.