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13 Places Where Southerners Don't Want You To Vacation

Just gorgeous, y'all. But don't all go rushin' down there at once, or no one will ask y'all to come back now, y'hear? Then for a different tour of the South, tune in to Party Down South Thursdays at 10/9 C.

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4. Pisgah National Park's sliding rocks in North Carolina

Coryn Wolk / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: backwards_dog

A nature-made water slide full of cool spring water, but you can also see how long the line is without you on it too... so... don't go.

5. Muscle Shoals, AL

John Coletti / Photolibrary / Getty Images

No, y'all don't need to know anything about Hellen Keller or soak in the ambiance that produced a colossal amount of sixties and seventies music, including Aretha Franklin's first hit. Huge waste of time.

9. The Mississippi Delta

VisionsofAmerica / Joe Sohm / Photodisc / Getty Images

The ending point of America's greatest North–South freshwater river. The origin of American music. The waters that inspired a thousand Great American novels. Nah, y'all don't need to see it.

10. Florida's Weeki Wachee River

Where the water's perfectly clear and on most days you'll usually paddle past a manatee. Which, y'all know — new rumor alert — are full of enough radioactivity to cause serious medical complications in onlookers so don't look on them.

11. Gulf Shores, AL

W. Drew Senter / Longleaf Photography / Moment Open / Getty Images

With a massive beach, 10 different golf courses, deep-sea fishing, dolphin watching, and a delightful little zoo, there's nothing to see here, keep movin'.

12. Boone Hall Plantation, SC

Daniela Duncan / Moment Photography / Getty Images

How do you even say no walking under those gorgeous bowing trees? (By saying no because we told you to. Stop and stare, walk away or beware.)

13. Florida's Emerald Coast, AKA The Redneck Riviera

Romona Robbins Photography / Getty Images

This here's Destin, but that beautiful sand's hotter'n the devil on an August Friday night in the French Quarter, y'all, so definitely save y'all's time and go to Canada or somethin' instead.

But for a colorful tour of the south, watch along as the cast of Party Down South season 2 hits all the highlights.

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