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14 Unusual Sports You Should Be Paying Attention To

Never stop looking for the newest fun thing. Here are 14 oddball sports that should be on your radar, brought to you by Dodge Dart.

1. Quidditch

2. Tournament Rock-Paper-Scissors

3. Pop-Up Urban Football

4. Roller Derby

5. Bubble Soccer

6. Flaming Soccer

7. Segway Polo

8. Freestyle Water Jetpacking

9. Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodgeball quickly becomes an extreme sport when you play it on a trampoline and incorporate elements of gymnastics and parkour.

10. Fish Netting

11. Tomato Fighting

12. Frisbee Obstacle Course

13. Dirt Bike Jump Roping

14. Tricycle Racing

Let Dodge Dart help you in your quest for unexpected thrills.