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13 British Castles You Can Rent For Under $100 Per Night

Motel < hotel < your own damn castle. Explore all these British Famous castles and be the first of your friends to live like royalty.

Courtesy of The Landmark Trust

1. The Court House in Gloucestershire, England β€” $97 per person per night for seven nights. Sleeps 26.

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You'd need to rent the property for a full week to get this rate, but then who doesn't want to spend a week at The Court House? You can spend the night in the same room King Charles I slept in during the 1643 Siege of Gloucester! The property features an indoor bar, an outdoor bar, a sauna, a heated pool and hot tub, a library, and four acres of gardens.

2. Pineapple House in Dunmore, Scotland β€” $19 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 4.

The Landmark Trust

This eccentric summer home dates back to 1761, but its eccentric topper appeared in 1777. Apparently sailors used to put a pineapple on their gate post to announce their return home. Lord Dunmore, who was fond of the joke, took things a bit further when he renovated this mansion with a pineapple dome to commemorate his return from Virginia. This house is comfortable, quirky, and an experience you won't ever forget. The home features charming walled gardens and a private garden open to occupants only.

3. Pennsylvania Castle in Dorset, England β€” $96 per person per night for seven nights (May only!). Sleeps 20.

This castle was built in 1797 by John Penn, the grandson of William Penn founder of Pennsylvania. ~Casual~. It has incredible views of the coast and your closest neighbor is another castle. Stay here and go explore the Jurassic Coast (yes, that is a place that exists in England). When you're done, enjoy a glass of red wine on the ramparts of your freaking palace and ask your butler for news from the colonies. But book quickly! This guy is only under $100 per person during the month of May (other months are only slightly more expensive).

4. Clytha Castle in Monmouthshire, Wales β€” $33 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 6.

The Landmark Trust

Your fairy-tale fantasies are alive and well at this 200-year-old castle in Wales. Go for a stroll in an ancient grove of Chestnut trees outside the castle then ascend to your bedroom up a spiral staircase in a turret. The Welsh countryside is perfect for roving walks that all end at the local pub. The famous Tintern Abbey is also a short distance away.

5. River Hall in North Devon, England β€” $75 per person per night for three nights. Sleeps 22.

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The classic decor of this place just oozes charm. Imagine playing croquet on the rolling English lawns, wandering through the woods to the river, or challenging friends to a game of tennis. Looking at the pictures, you can practically hear the sound of a sparkling rosΓ© bottle popping open. You can even sleep seven more guests in the coach house, meaning this could be even cheaper for 29 adults.

6. Bath Tower in Gwynedd, Wales β€” $18 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 5.

Copyright Jill Tate for the Landmark Trust

This dwelling is one of eight towers in the town of Caernarfon's fortified wall, built in the late 13th century by Edward I to defend its strategic position at the mouth of the Menai Strait. As a place to stay, this battlement is unique because the town is outside your doorstep to explore. You're also near Snowdonia, a grand national park that's home to the highest peak in England and Wales.

7. Birkmere Hall in The Lake District, England β€” $77 per person per night for seven nights. Sleeps 24.

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Spend the night in a ruined fort converted into luxury house βœ”. This bucket list destination has been built inside two embattled peele towers, with modern amenities hidden inside an ancient shell. Go for walks on the estate, pick fresh berries from nearby farms, explore the Lake District, and then find your way back to the estate and one of 10 bedrooms.

8. Rosslyn Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland β€” $26 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 6.

The Landmark Trust

Built by William, Prince of Orkney, around 1450, this ancient dwelling oozes historical charm. Not only does the castle give you easy access to the Rosslyn Estate (home of the incredible Rosslyn Chapel), it's also a short distance away from central Edinburgh. Meaning you can stay in a castle AND a city β€” for $26 per night.

9. Wessex Manor in Dorset β€” $35 per person per night for seven nights. Sleeps 20.

Jonathan Stone / Courtesy of kate & tom's, Courtesy of kate & tom's

Nestled amongst 23 acres of delightful countryside, this Grade II-listed Victorian Manor home would make for an elegant week away. The property features walled gardens, an orchard, a stone outbuilding, a stream, and sheep! Drink champagne and pretend you own everything in sight. For a few precious days, you do.

10. Martello Tower in Suffolk β€” $46 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 4.

The Landmark Trust, Copyright John Miller for the Landmark Trust

You can practically hear the screaming seagulls and taste the fish and chips when looking over this incredible tower. Martello tower was built to house four heavy guns and keep Napoleon out of England. The interior has soaring ceilings and an open, lofted floor plan. The sweeping view from the roof of the River Alde and the sea is something you won't forget.

11. River View Castle in Cornwall β€” $90 per person per night for seven nights. Sleeps 20.

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If you want to get away from everything except your 20 BFFs, this is the place. River View Castle is located on 2,000 acres of private lands β€” 20 acres of which are devoted to manicured gardens. The property has a heated pool, classy decor, and access to ancient woodlands. Apparently you sign for it with a heavy fountain pen. It's the details!

12. Fort Clonque in Alderney, Channel Islands β€” $18 per person per night for four nights. Sleeps 13.

The Landmark Trust

This decommissioned Victorian fort is perched on a rocky outcrop accessible only by a causeway leading to a drawbridge. A FREAKING DRAWBRIDGE. At high tide the fort is cut off from the rest of the island. You and your friends will inhabit various buildings around the property and enjoy magnificent coastal views from the forts battlements. Since the island is so small, you can bike or walk everywhere. This would make for an incredible long weekend away!

13. Marsden Manor in Gloucestershire β€” $92 per person per night for three nights. Sleeps 20.

Nicholas Yarsley /

This manor home has a heated swimming pool, a tennis court, a children's playroom, and 10 bedrooms. The house has a modern rustic decor that just looks relaxing. And the best news is you can get it for under $100 for three nights. Long weekend anyone?

To arrive at the $100 per night figures, we divided the total rental rate by the number of people who can sleep overnight at the property. We used the exchange rate of $1.25 to Β£1.00, which was accurate when we wrote this article.

Castles aren't the only thing Great Britain is famous for... find your Om in the Great (British) Outdoors.

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