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Paid PostPosted on Dec 1, 2016

10 Productive Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress Headaches

♪ It's the most nutso time of year. ♫

The holidays are filled with family, love, and — oh, that's right — buckets and buckets of stress.

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Stress is a common trigger of headaches. Help manage your stress this 🎄 holiday season 🎄 with these helpful tips:

1. First, nix the idea of a "perfect holiday."

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Your life doesn't have to look like a picturesque display of flawlessness. Sure, you can still have standards, but embrace the unique holiday over the perfect one.

2. Give yourself some designated coloring time.

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Put away the phone, pop on a classic holiday movie, and give yourself the sweet, sweet satisfaction of coloring very neatly inside the lines. (It's just one of the many ways you can relax.)

3. Craft a decoration that's not oh-so-flashy.

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Bright lights can worsen or even trigger migraines, and that's all the more reason to decorate your place with something classic.

4. DIY a little something for somebody. Just a little something.

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No need to overwhelm yourself with "a custom scarf for every single relative," but a joyful craft here or there could go a long way.

5. Try out a new recipe for just yourself.

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Unleashing a new kitchen concoction upon unsuspecting relatives can be quite the endeavor...but an extra-chocolatey hot chocolate for one? Well, that's worth trying over and over again until you get it right.

6. If you're buying gifts, consider donating some of your gently used items to charity.

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Cleaning doesn't always have to be a spring activity.

7. Have a quick catch-up with an old friend. 👯

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Even just having the chance to talk about the holiday stress (with someone who isn't in your immediate family) could go a long way.

8. Take a walk to enjoy the season.

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Replenish your own spirit by reveling in the holiday spirit of others.

9. Yes. Fine. Okay. Plan!

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It might not be ~fun~, but checking things off your list can give you the chance to focus on family and friends.

10. And certainly take advantage of that mistletoe.

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What's the point of hanging it if you don't get to embrace it? Plus, there's the bonus of how a little positive touch can relieve head pain.

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