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14 Of The Most Unusual Hockey Traditions Ever To Exist

No sport does tradition quite like hockey. Fans and players alike adhere to bizarre rituals old and new. Show your loyalty at this year's Stanley Cup® Playoffs by customizing your NHL® Discover it card with your team's logo.

1. The Detroit Octopi:

2. The Three Stars:

3. The Hat Trick:

4. The Rat Trick:

5. The Winnipeg Whiteout:

6. Playoff Beards:

7. Each Player Spends a Day With the Stanley Cup®:

8. No Stepping on the Logo:

9. Only Winners Touch the Stanley Cup®:

10. Saluting the Fans:

11. Cheering Through the National Anthem:

12. Engraving the Cup:

13. Tapping the Goalie's Pads:

14. Towel Power:

People will do some interesting things to show their love for hockey. Now you can flaunt your team pride with the NHL® Discover it card for this year’s Stanley Cup® Playoffs.

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