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The Coolest Roadside Attractions In Every State

Every season is road trip season. Keep an eye out for these incredible attractions when you're on the road -- and don't forget your Discover it chrome for Students card.

1. Washington:

2. Oregon - Oregon Vortex (Gold Hill) - One of many "mystery spots" in America, Oregon Vortex is a place where brooms stand on end, tennis balls roll uphill, and people experience the phenomenon of "height change."

3. Alaska - Santa Claus House and Statue (North Pole) - Yes, the North Pole is a real place, and so is Santa's house. For those dedicated enough to make the voyage, there's also a 42-foot-tall Santa (apparently, the world's largest).

4. Hawaii - Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze (Wahiawa) - Billed as the World's Largest Hedge Maze, the attraction promises prizes to the fastest finishers. The record time so far is seven minutes (an eighth of the time it takes the average visitor).

5. California:

6. Montana - Clubfoot George's Clubfoot (Virginia City) - It's exactly what it sounds like. Locals dug up the mummified clubfoot of a man named George and put it on display in the Thompson Hickman Museum. It's now the treasure of the town.

7. Idaho - The Spud Drive-In (Driggs) - The flatbed truck carrying a giant potato (not real, of course) in front of a still-operating movie drive-in is prime photo-op material.

8. Nevada (Beatty) - Rhyolite - Just out of Beatty, Rhyolite is a ghost town that once boasted a population of over 10,000. Abandoned after the financial panic of 1907 took its toll, the town's foundations still stand.

9. Utah - Hole N' The Rock (Moab) - Situated on U.S. Highway 191, this incredible 5,000-square-foot, 14-room home was hand-carved out of a massive cliff face.

10. Arizona - The Thing (Dragoon) - Also known as the "Mystery of the Desert," customers pay $1 to journey through a variety of exhibits and winding corridors to find out what "The Thing" really is.

11. Colorado - Four Corners Monument - This monument marks the point where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. Visitors can straddle the borders of all four states simultaneously.

12. New Mexico - Tinkertown Museum (Sandia Park) - This 22-room museum is a cavern of wonders that you have to see to believe. It has taken the curator, Ross Ward, over 40 years to create.

13. Wyoming:

14. North Dakota - Enchanted Highway (Regent) - This collection of seven giant sculptures stretched out over 32 miles of paved highway is a sight to behold.

15. South Dakota - Wall Drug Store (Wall) - Wall Drug is a sprawling tourist mall that draws over one million visitors every year. It also features a free ice-water well, a mini Mount Rushmore, and a life-size T. rex.

16. Nebraska - Carhenge (Alliance) - Made from 38 rescued cars and designed to replicate Stonehenge, Carhenge is America's quirky take on a world-renowned monument.

17. Kansas - World's Largest Ball of Twine (Cawker City) - It is exactly what it sounds like, and the total twine length has now surpassed seven million feet.

18. Minnesota - Giant Sitting, Talking Paul Bunyan (Brainerd) - This 27-foot-tall seated memorial to Paul Bunyan occasionally blinks his eyes, raises his hand, and greets people by name — but only the lucky visitors.

19. Iowa - Grotto of the Redemption (West Bend) - The largest grotto in the world, you don't need to be religious in order to be awestruck by this landmark to spiritual devotion.

20. Missouri - City Museum (St. Louis) - A vast labyrinthine funhouse containing cubbyholes, floor chutes, and slides — getting lost is the whole point.

21. Illinois:

22. Michigan - The Heidelberg Project (Detroit) - A decrepit residential neighborhood and its junk was turned into an art project that everybody should see at least once.

23. Wisconsin - House on the Rock (Spring Green) - A collection and experience that can hardly be explained, the attraction is like nothing else you'll find in Wisconsin (or the country).

24. Indiana - Giant Lady's Leg Sundial (Roselawn) - 63 feet long and very self-explanatory.

25. Ohio - The A Christmas Story House (Cleveland) - A true American treasure, the original house is restored to its movie splendor and across the street from the A Christmas Story House Museum.

26. Texas - Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo) - A stunning piece of public art, the attraction features 10 Cadillacs buried nose-down in the dirt off Route 66.

27. Oklahoma:

28. Arkansas - Arkansas Alligator Farm, Home of the Merman (Hot Springs) - Not only an alligator farm but home to the famous "Merman," who was reportedly dragged from the depths of the South China Sea and lives in a barn.

29. Louisiana - Abita Mystery House (Abita Springs) - The quintessential roadside attraction, the Mystery House is a throwback to nostalgic tourist traps in the best possible way.

30. Mississippi - Graceland Too (Holly Springs) - A shrine to The King that takes up an entire house, Graceland Too is the real deal and just as worthy of a visit as the original Graceland.

31. Tennessee - The Lost Sea (Sweetwater) - It's America's largest underground lake, and the tour includes a long walk through underground caverns and then a trip aboard a glass-bottom boat.

32. Alabama (Cullman) - Ave Maria Grotto - Constructed by a Benedictine Monk, the Ave Maria Grotto is a four-acre park containing 125 miniature replicas of some of the world's most famous religious structures.

33. Kentucky - Vent Haven: Ventriloquist Museum (Fort Mitchell) - A house full of 800+ ventriloquist dummies, Vent Haven is a roadside attraction you'll never forget.

34. Delaware:

35. Connecticut - Wells Dinosaur Haven (Uncasville) - The closest thing to Jurassic Park in real life, without any of the life-threatening danger.

36. Florida - Coral Castle (Homestead) - Hand-carved from over 2.2 million pounds of coral rock, what makes this attraction amazing is that it was built by just one man.

37. Maine - Ray Murphy's Chainsaw Show (Hancock) - Inside a warehouse-sized building with more than 400 seats, Ray Murphy will amaze you with his chainsaw skills.

38. Georgia:

39. Maryland - Baltimore Tattoo Museum (Baltimore) - Both a museum and a fully functioning tattoo studio, perfect for those interested in learning about the art of tattooing or getting tatted up themselves.

40. New Hampshire - Clark's Trading Post (Lincoln) - If you want to see bears eating ice cream and shooting "bearsketball," this is the place for you.

41. North Carolina - World's Largest Chest of Drawers (High Point) - Originally built in the 1920s, the 20-foot-tall building comes complete with knobs and two gigantic, dangling socks.

42. Pennsylvania - Mutter Museum (Philadelphia) - Housing a plethora of medical monstrosities and specimens, the Mutter Museum is not for the faint of heart.

43. New Jersey:

44. Rhode Island - World's Largest Bug (Providence) - "Nibbles Woodaway" is a 58-foot-long blue termite that is the biggest in the world.

45. South Carolina - UFO Welcome Center (Bowman) - Intended as a place where aliens could be comfortable meeting Earthlings, the Welcome Center is a 46-feet-across "flying saucer."

46. Vermont - Shelburne Museum (Shelburne) - This place is so big that visitors get around by bus, and it includes a surviving steamship that's 220 feet long.

47. Massachusetts:

48. Virginia - Foamhenge (Natural Bridge) - The only American Stonehenge that's an exact replica of the original is made out of foam, and it's awesome.

49. West Virginia - Prabhupada's Palace of Gold (New Vrindaban) - A beautiful structure that is reminiscent of glitzy Bollywood films, the Palace of Gold will not fail to amaze you.

50. New York:

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