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15 Things Girls Say When Their Hair Just Won't Cooperate

Life is hard enough without worrying about a little frizz. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie.

1. "Why is this happening?"

2. "THIS is what I get for going to bed with wet hair?"

3. "Why can't I be rich and just have a stylist?"

4. "Hmm, I wonder if I could pull off a buzz cut..."

5. "So. Over. It."

6. "Why didn't I wash it? I should have washed it."

7. "I'm never cutting it again."

8. "'Bangs,' they said. 'You'll love them,' they said."

9. "I'll just put it up."

10. "Who uses this many bobby pins?"

11. "I should stop trying."

12. "Maybe it looks better down?"

13. "No pictures. Avoid eye contact."

14. "Might as well dye my hair grey, I've put so much dry shampoo in it."

15. "It's not even humid outside. Why is it doing this?"

Hair probs happen. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie and spend less time worrying about your hair and more time working it *z snaps*

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