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15 Things Girls Say When Their Hair Just Won't Cooperate

Life is hard enough without worrying about a little frizz. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie.

1. "Why is this happening?"

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2. "THIS is what I get for going to bed with wet hair?"

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3. "Why can't I be rich and just have a stylist?"

4. "Hmm, I wonder if I could pull off a buzz cut..."

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5. "So. Over. It."

6. "Why didn't I wash it? I should have washed it."

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7. "I'm never cutting it again."

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8. "'Bangs,' they said. 'You'll love them,' they said."

9. "I'll just put it up."

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10. "Who uses this many bobby pins?"

11. "I should stop trying."

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12. "Maybe it looks better down?"

13. "No pictures. Avoid eye contact."

14. "Might as well dye my hair grey, I've put so much dry shampoo in it."

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15. "It's not even humid outside. Why is it doing this?"

Hair probs happen. #DitchTheDrama with Aussie and spend less time worrying about your hair and more time working it *z snaps*

View this video on YouTube / Via Aussie