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15 Delightful Illustrated GIFs That Will Make You Smile

GIFs in themselves are awesome, but when a great illustrator creates a GIF, beautiful things happen. It's just like GEICO, where great savings and delightful service come together. Prepare to be amazed.


Hoppip / Via

Find the most delightful cat GIFs on Hoppip's Tumblr.


Julian Glander / Via

See more of Julian Glander's work here.


Lilli Carré / Via

More amazing hand drawn GIFs on Lilli Carré's website.


Andy Helms / Via

You can thank Andy Helms for illustrating all your favorite fandoms.


Mr.GIF / Via

You've never seen GIFs the way Mr. GIF makes them.


DAiN / Via

DAiN's stereographic drawings are out of this world.

Blue Girl With Gem. Ink pen and color dye marker on paper. 8 x 7 in. Copyright DAiN 2012.


Adam Ellis / Via

Adam Ellis likes cats, makes funny comics, and even has a book out. Woah.


Pasquale D'Silva / Via

Find more adorable illustrations and GIFs from Pasquale D'Silva here.


Saskia Keultjes / Via

For more beautiful hand drawn GIFs, visit Saskia Keultjes on her website and Facebook.


Kristin Rossi / Via

Kristin Rossi makes funny comics about her life. Check it out at Tender Nuggets.


Skip Dolphin Hursh / Via

All of Skip Dolphin Hursh's GIFs will blow your mind. Get mesmerized.


Csak / Via

Warning! Must love cute things before looking at Csak's illustrations. Your heart will be filled with joy.


G1ft3d / Via

All the best GIFs fit for Tumblr. Visit G1fted's website here and follow on Twitter here.


Alexander Lansang and Katianidad Modesti AKA NUBE / Via

Dancing provided by Alexander Lansang. Visit his website here.


Thomas Hunter / Via

You have to check out Mr. Buffalo's GIFs! The cat compels you.

If you loved all the animal GIFs in this post, then you'll love this video. It's a hoot!

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