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Scientologist Or British Person?

This week's the season finale of Billy on the Street, and we're looking forward to it at BuzzFeed. In the episode, Billy Eichner quizzes one guest on his knowledge of whether a certain celebrity is a scientologist or someone from Britain. Check out how well you know your celebrities, then watch the season finale of Funny or Die's Billy on the Street at 11PM on Fuse.

1. Ian McKellen

2. Kirstie Alley

3. Jason Lee

4. John Barrowman

5. Elisabeth Moss

6. Giovanni Ribisi

7. Minnie Driver

8. Jenna Elfman

9. Kelly Osbourne

10. Laura Prepon

11. James Blunt

12. Lisa Marie Presley

13. Piers Morgan

14. Juliette Lewis

15. Sienna Miller

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