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Paid PostPosted on Jun 19, 2015

The 13 Most Epic Photos From MuckFest MS

We aren't mucking around — think you got what it takes to complete this 5k obstacle course in the mud? Sign up for MuckFest MS and help end multiple sclerosis.

BuzzFeed went to MuckFest MS in Jersey on June 14 and experienced the mud, sweat, and tears (of joy!) in person. Think you can do the same? Check out these epic pics and sign up with your friends!

You never know who you'll meet at MuckFest MS!

And you've got endless opportunities to stomp in the puddles on this 5k track.

But let's not forget about the obstacles:

Triple Pits

Spill Hill

Big Balls

Spider Web

Mt. Muck-imanjaro

Swing Set

Belly Crawl

Muck Off

Flying Muckers

Crash Landing

...and more!

It's all worth it to make it to that mucking finish line!

Sweet victory! MuckFest MS fundraising efforts have raised more than $20 million to help end MS. You can cross the finish line and help end MS too when you register for a MuckFest MS event today.

All images Spencer Bergen / © BuzzFeed