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13 Ways To Ruin Your Diet In Monterey

Nothing pairs as well with Monterey's stunning views as its crazy-good food. Head to Monterey County to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

1. Stop by The Big Sur Roadhouse for SURiously unbelievable Californian-style cuisine featuring locally sourced and organic ingredients:

Whether you want to grab a quick coffee, drink a glass of wine, or sit down for a full meal, you won't be disappointed. Plus, look at its prettiness. LOOK AT IT. *swoon*

2. Go camping at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur and eat waaaaay too many s'mores:

It's been ranked one of the best places to camp in California — and with views like this, we can't think of a better place to perfect our marshmallow roasting technique.

3. Savor the high-end fare at Montrio Bistro for internationally inspired seasonal bites in downtown Monterey:

Can you even handle the plating excellence on this compressed melon salad?

4. Drink up at hidden gem craft beer house Post No Bills in the warehouse district of Sand City:

5. Check out Little Napoli in Carmel-by-the-Sea for its friendly service and authentic Italian food:

Ah, the wondrousness of carb loading.

6. Settle in at Joyce Vineyards in Carmel Valley to satisfy all of your wine tasting needs (emphasis on needs):

The family-owned and -operated winery is known for carrying out every single step in the wine-making process from growing the grapes all the way to bottling. You know it's so worth every calorie.

7. Enjoy cold beer, views of a golf course overlooking the ocean, and snacks on snacks on snacks at Sticks in Pebble Beach:

8. Drop in at local Monterey favorite Peter B's Brewpub for fun riffs on traditional comfort foods and award-winning craft beer:

With a patio, a fire pit, and 18 TVs, you will have zero struggle finding a perfect spot to enjoy your brew. Bottoms. Up.

9. Treat yourself at Carousel Candies, where all candy aficionados will find the hand-made saltwater taffy irresistible:

10. Pop in at Crema in Pacific Grove for next-level quaintness, bomb sangria, and life-altering cheddar-bacon biscuits:


11. Investigate Giorgio’s at the 201 Main entertainment complex in Salinas for foodie-worthy mixology and top-notch Italian food:

Nab a seat at Chef Alessio's show kitchen if you're down with being TOTALLY. IN. AWE.

12. Visit Abalonetti’s Bar & Grill on Old Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey for award-winning calamari and unmissable clam chowder:

Did we mention the view? Because yeah. Ocean views for daaaaaayz.

13. And if you can't settle on just one tasting room, embrace your wine enthusiasm and adventure out on the Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea:

What do you call over a dozen tasting rooms in under a mile radius? Oh yeah...heaven.

Diets are so overrated. Indulge your every eating and drinking whim to enjoy the best of Monterey.

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