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The 9 Most Shocking Moments In The Season 2 Premiere Of "Vikings"

Just because the Vikings lived hundreds of years ago doesn't mean their problems weren't just as real. Tune into Vikings Thursdays at 10|9c only on HISTORY.

1. Ragnar and Rollo fight, pitting brother against brother.

2. Arne, everyone's favorite Viking hipster, got killed by Rollo...

3. Floki had a very bad day on the battlefield.

He's not doing so hot.

4. Rollo surrendered to his brother...

...and now has the ultimate Viking accessory...


5. Princess Aslaug came back to see Ragnar... with a baby bump.

6. Lagertha, as one would expect...

7. Ragnar's attempt at a Viking three-way fails miserably.

8. Lagertha dumps Ragnar's sorry ass...

9. ...and Bjorn follows.

And this is just the beginning.

Find out what happens next on Vikings Thursdays at 10|9c only on HISTORY.