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13 Things That People Will Definitely Never Give Up

You can pry this TV remote from my cold, dead hands — and don't you even DARE think about taking my last bag of Doritos Ketchup chips.

1. Your seat when you call "shotgun."

"But DUDE, I called shotgun."

2. Your secret snack stash.

3. The password for your online dating profile.

Somethings are meant to be shared, some things are not.

4. The TV remote.

Fewer things are grounds for battle. Touching the remote is one of them.

5. Your family's secret chili recipe.

Nope. Sorry. Not for you.

6. Your hard-earned money.

You worked hard for it, and you should decide how you spend it.

7. Your video game controller.

Ciaran Griffin / ThinkStock

You've waited your turn to play, and there is no way you'll let someone take that happiness away from you.

8. Your poker face.

No he can't reeeeead my poker face.

9. Your chill.

Things can get dicey, but don't be this dude with ZERO chill.

10. That perfect parking spot. / Via

"This parking spot is mine. There are many like it, but this one is mine."

11. Your high score on that game. / Via

You spent months accumulating that score. How DARE they?!

12. The reason why that one reality show is recorded on your DVR.


"My little sister recorded it, I swear!"

13. Your crush's name. / Via

Crap. Did he/she see us looking at this GIF? Oh man...

Your last bag of Doritos Ketchup chips.

Courtesy of Doritos

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