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    Vance Global, Eco-Friendly Brand In The CBD Industry

    CBD (or cannabidiol) industries are on the rise. There is an exploding market that has generated headlines, market growth forecasts, and an increasing existence of CBD brands and companies popping in a number of states that legalized recreational and medical use. One of the leading brands in the CBD Industry is, Vance Global.

    Vance Global was founded in 2018 by two best friends, August Battles and Brandon Marhal. They were only 21 when they decided that smoking CBD could be done in a much more efficient and beneficial way. From that, they knew they were on to something; they spent countless hours perfecting CBD “cigarettes or pre rolls” all while working full-time jobs before deciding to quit and follow their passions.

    Vance Global has taken off since then. From being a start-up in a garage to now being one of the leaders in the industry that is growing exponentially with an average increase of 40% in revenue monthly.

    Unlike other brands, Vance Global takes pride in its eco-friendly and biodegradable CBD products. Vance products have biodegradable packaging and are made up of wood fiber filters, hemp paper, 100% organic hemp from Oregon, and all natural lavender from France.

    Aside from the fact that anyone who has tried their "Vances" has essentially refused to go over to other brands due to their high quality, their eco-friendly products have high concentrations of CBD (100-150mg) per “Vance” which differentiates them from the rest.

    This revolutionary product is a testament as to why the brand has grown to be one of the leading brands in the CBD Industry.

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