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    Here's How To Re-Grow Vegetables Into Pretty Houseplants

    Is it a vegetable? Is it a houseplant? It's actually both!

    If you live in a small space, you may be torn between growing vegetables or having houseplants. But did you know you can actually have both at the same time?

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    Here are three vegetables that can easily be re-grown into amazing houseplants you'll be proud to show off to visitors:

    1. Garlic

    Mercedes Sandoval / BuzzFeed

    Leave the paper skin on a garlic clove, place it in a glass, and half-cover with water. Place the glass on a sunny windowsill for one to two weeks, until tall sprouts have grown. Finally, plant the sprouted clove in potting mix.

    2. Carrots

    Mercedes Sandoval / BuzzFeed

    Place the end of a carrot in a glass dish with an inch of water. After a week, sprouts will have grown and roots will have formed from the part of the carrot that was submerged in the water. Plant the carrot in potting mix, leaving the green sprout above soil.

    3. Sweet potato

    Mercedes Sandoval / BuzzFeed

    Stick four toothpicks in a sweet potato, then place it in a jar filled with water. Leave the jar on a sunny windowsill for three weeks until sprouts have grown on the top of the potato. Pluck a sprout off the potato and place it into a glass with a couple of inches of water. Place that jar on a windowsill for another three days until a leaf or two have grown. Mix potting soil with slow-release fertilizer, then plant your sprout.

    Enjoy your plant babies!

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