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    This Sikh Fashion Blogger's Instagram Is Straight Fire

    "I use fashion to represent who I am."

    Karan Kaur is a 22-year-old fashion blogger from Sydney, Australia. Her Instagram account, stylewithkaur is where she shows off her fire style.

    Kaur started her blog over two years ago, after noting the lack of Sikh turbaned women in the fashion world.

    Since starting her Instagram account, Kaur has gained a following of almost 30,000.

    "To me clothing is form of expression. I like to stand out and look different to everyone else," says Kaur. "I use fashion to represent who I am."

    In the future, Kaur plans to start her own YouTube channel to educate the world about fashion and Sikh turbaned women.

    Being inspirational on the inside and the outside = ultimate goals.