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Australians Are Putting Out Their Onions For Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Doin' it for the PM.

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Australians on Twitter have reacted to news that Malcolm Turnbull will challenge Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal party by starting the hashtag #PutOutYourOnions.

Goodbye, Tone. #putoutyouronions #libspill #auspol

Abbott famously chomped into a whole, raw unpeeled onion during a media appearance in March.

While Abbott's future in politics has not yet been decided, he can for the moment find solace in the fact that the people are thinking of him.

So long, @tonyabbottmhr #putoutyouronions

So, go on.


@neil_saints @SamanthaC77 Sounds like he's as good as gone #putoutyouronions



#putoutyouronions #libspill #auspol #Abbott #Turnbull


In Tone We Trust. #putoutyouronions #libspill #auspol

Go on, do it for the prime minister.

Say what you will about Tony Abbott, he sure ate a lot of onions #PutOutYourOnions

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