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    This Peanut Butter Hack Will Make Washing Your Dog So Much Easier

    H/T Reddit

    If you're blessed enough to own a dog, you probably know that most of them absolutely LOVE peanut butter.

    Another thing you probably know about pups is that they love getting dirty.

    But not all dogs love being washed, which is why this peanut butter hack is such a game-changer!

    The hack is simple: Smear some peanut butter on the wall of your bath or shower, so your dog stays still and blissfully distracted while you wash them.

    I mean, look at this little Frenchie being such a good boy in the bath!

    And please, take a moment to admire this fluffy corgi happily being blowdried!

    It's also a great trick to keep in mind for brushing, combing, and fur trims.

    H/T Reddit for this truly life-changing tip!