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    17 Tattoos For Anyone Obsessed With Australian Flora And Fauna

    Even your mum would like them.

    1. This delicate wattle stem.

    2. This pretty pink-breasted galah.

    3. This finely-drawn wombat.

    4. These badass banksia cones.

    5. These perfectly-round acacia flowers.

    6. And these that are a little bolder.

    7. This cheeky kookaburra.

    8. And this quality koala-tea.

    9. This thin eucalyptus leaf.

    10. And these that are just as stunning.

    11. This simple but statement kangaroo outline.

    12. And this cutie that looks great in watercolour.

    13. This expertly-shaded piece.

    14. And this pastel koala dream.

    15. This bouquet of Australian beauties.

    16. This little guy in a teacup.

    17. And this artwork that captures the bush so damn well.