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    This Minimalist Sex Toy Brand Is Here To Make Over Your Nightstand

    It's like Everlane and Aesop had a baby...and that baby was a line of sex products.

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    It's 2018 and all of a sudden it feels like there's a beautiful, minimalist version of everything: vitamins, toothbrushes, luggage, and now, sex products.

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    Specifically, I'm talking about the vibrator, condoms, and organic lubricants from new lifestyle brand, Maude.

    Launched earlier this year, Maude is a gender neutral brand that wants to make sex products accessible, inclusive, and well, just really damn beautiful.

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    Maude was founded by two women — Dina Epstein and Eva Goicochea (who formally worked at Everlane) — who describe it as a "modern sex essentials company."

    According to Epstein and Goicochea, it was extremely important that their products were inclusive of all ages and genders.

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    "Everyone is different and their sexual preferences are unique to themselves. Because of that, we believe that to change the broader industry and the culture of sex, instead of selling 'sex,' you have to put people first, and this means creating a company built on inclusion," Goicochea told BuzzFeed. "Our take is that sex is human and is an everyday (and can be every day) experience, so we created this company to simplify sex and to encourage a happy and healthy sex life for all people."

    At the moment, Maude's range includes a silicone vibrator, condoms, and two kinds of lubricant: silicone-based and aloe-based.

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    The vibrator is the most expensive item in the range at $45, and has extremely positive reviews.

    Promising reviews: "This is the best little vibe I’ve ever tried. It’s discreet, beautifully designed, and comfortable. It’s powerful yet so quiet. One of my favorite purchases this year." —Audrey

    "Brace yourself, because your life is literally about to change. See, when you buy this vibrator, you're not just buying a sex accessory, you are buying happiness, both physical and emotional. I've owned several vibrators in my time, most of them the big rabbit-eared, neon pink things. It is not what I would have designed for myself, those were just the options at the time, but NOT ANYMORE MY FRIENDS." —Amy V

    All of the products — yes, even the condoms — wouldn't look out of place on your perfectly curated nightstand.

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    Candles? Check. Palo santo? Check. Condoms? Check.

    Basically, if you've been looking for sex essentials that match your minimalist aesthetic, you might just be very into these.

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    Get a vibrator from Maude for $45, a 10-pack of condoms for $12, silicone lubricant for $25, or organic lubricant for $25.

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