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25 Jan 2017

We Asked Some Of Australia's Best Chefs For Their BBQ Tips

You know you wanna know what Donna Hay chucks on the barbie.

Everyone who's ever barbecued has a grilling trick they like to pass on to their mates every summer.

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We decided to ask four extremely trustworthy Aussie food experts to share their best barbecue tips: Donna Hay, Adam Liaw, Maggie Beer, and Julie Goodwin.

Here's what they shared:

1. Give your barbie appropriate time to heat up before you throw anything on it.

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"This is where most people go wrong with barbecues imho. Coals will take at least 30 minutes to get to the right state for cooking. A good barbecue hot plate or grill is thick cast iron and will take 10-15 minutes to get hot enough to cook on." –Liaw

2. Add oil to your meat instead of the barbecue plate.

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"Instead of oiling the barbecue, just brush the meat with a little oil. This will help sear the meat nicely and stop the barbecue from producing too much flame." –Hay

3. Don't over crowd your barbecue or move the meat around too much.

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"Don’t over crowd the grill and don’t move the meat around to much. Give it a chance to get that lovely brown crust on it." –Goodwin

4. To add flavour to your meats, try a dry spice rub rather than a marinade.

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"Experiment with paprika, cumin, ground chillies, sea salt, and garlic powder for a punchy Mexican-style rub that goes beautifully with steak or chicken fillets." –Goodwin

5. And if you're going to marinate your meat, do it the night before.

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"To get the most flavour, get ahead and marinate meat and seafood the day before. As well as saving time on the day, this will help tenderise the meat." –Hay

6. All you need to clean a barbecue is a wire brush and a gas bottle.

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"Forget beer, ice, newspaper, or dishwashing liquid. Just burn the barbecue with the gas turned to high for as long as it takes to carbonise any grease or food, then brush it away. I prefer to do this before and after cooking, as it has the added benefits of seasoning the barbecue plate so that it won't rust in storage, and will help to stop food from sticking when you cook on it." –Liaw

7. Baste your meat with a fruit paste cocktail for a tasty, sticky finish.

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"For a beautiful caramelised finish to barbecued meats, try mixing one of my fruit pastes with a little Verjuice, and baste the meat as it’s cooking. Such a simple way to impart a wonderful depth of flavour." –Beer

8. And when grilling corn, make use of the husk.

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"Barbecued corn is so delicious and easy, it's always on the menu at my place. I like to pull the husk back off the corn and tie it together, because besides looking beautiful, it's handy! Run boiling water over the husk to stop it burning, and use the husk to turn the corn as it cooks." –Hay