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A Guide To All The Trendy Houseplants You're Seeing All Over Instagram

From the classic fiddle leaf to the unkillable snake plant.

If you always find yourself admiring plant-filled homes on Instagram, you probably also find yourself wondering what the hell all those ~on-trend~ houseplants are.

1. The fiddle leaf fig: iconic, glossy, and notoriously hard to take care of.

2. The monstera deliciosa: easy to grow, super leafy, and at the heart of the botanical decor trend.

3. The bird of paradise: epic, hardy, and a true statement houseplant.

4. The pothos: wild, air-purifying, and happy to be a little neglected.

5. The snake plant: sharp, drought-loving, and basically impossible to kill.

6. The kentia palm: tropical, sensitive, and big fan of humid climates.

7. The string of pearls: adorable but tough, and so easy to re-grow.

8. And the spider plant: spindly, extremely '70s, and perfect for the bathroom.

Plants 🌱 are🌱 the 🌱 best! 🌱

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