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    This DIY Hand Sanitizer Smells Great And Is So Easy To Make

    With cinnamon and tea tree, everyone you know is going to be asking for this recipe.

    This DIY hand sanitizer smells great and won't leave your hands feeling stripped and dry. It's also exceptionally easy to make!

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    If you love essential oils, you'll love this.

    Here's everything you need:

    Aloe vera gel

    Rubbing alcohol

    Cinnamon essential oil

    Tea tree essential oil

    Distilled water

    1. Start by emptying 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel into a small mixing bowl.

    2. Next, add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.

    3. Add ten drops of cinnamon essential oil.

    4. And ten drops of tea tree essential oil.

    5. Finally, add one tablespoon of distilled water and stir.

    6. Once all the ingredients are mixed together and the consistency is smooth, use a funnel to pour the hand sanitizer into a bottle.

    7. And that's it! You can now go ahead and use just as you would any regular hand sanitizer.

    Wasn't that easy?! ✨