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    12 Cute Planters For Anyone Looking For An Excuse To Buy More Plants

    Because your plant children deserve the best.

    1. This puppy planter that's way less maintenance than an actual pet, but is just as cute.

    2. This woven plant basket that will always greet you with a smile when you get home from a crappy day at work.

    3. These ceramic planters that are just the right size to have at your desk.

    4. This macrame hanger that will help your precious plant get the sunlight it deserves.

    5. And this rattan hanger that will make your bedroom look at least 10 times cooler.

    6. These tiny ceramic planters that are just dying to brighten up your empty windowsill.

    7. This half moon planter that will make your space feel all kinds of magic.

    8. This shell planter that will make you feel like you're by the sea — not in the middle of the city.

    9. And this minimalist pink planter that will add just the right amount of pretty to your workspace.

    10. This gold planter that will shine brighter than anything else in your home — or entire neighborhood for that matter.

    11. These ceramic planters that will give you an excuse to buy not one, but two new succulents.

    12. And this lilac pot that could home one, two, or even three new plant friends.