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Are You A Supreme?

Not everyone is Supreme...now's your chance to see if you make the cut

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  1. Are you a Supreme?

    Your finger gun form is on point
    You've fallen in a bush after one too many tequila shots
    You can take tequila shots like a champ
    You've been known to indulge in the occasional Goldschlager shot
    Paper Planes by MIA is your song
    And so is Gas Pedal
    Your fave pregame location is probably GrandMarc
    or the Shoppe...
    ...but NEVER the Wam
    You love a good round of cheesy bread post-Trin
    You've changed your name in your fam GroupMe
    You secretly love Mad Dogs but would never tell anyone that
    You've been on Exec
    You have a little
    You have two littles
    You have three littles (damn)
    You're not Chris Reed
    A Supreme hat is a defining part of your wardrobe
    Bringing your laptop to a pregame is something you've done before
    You've had to miss an event because you "had to go to band"
    You know sign language
    The Scholars Lab is your go-to study spot
    You've taken your backpack to survivor hour
    You've done Semester At Sea
    You've lived in Lambeth at one point in your life
    You're in a sorority
    Food Network is one of your hobbies
    Words like "RIP" and "ugh" are in your regular vocabulary
    and also "slay me"
    and "ya hate to see it"
    You have secretly always wanted to be a Supreme
    You actually are a Supreme

Are You A Supreme?

u wish u could be supreme

Meh, you're probably an Incredible
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still not supreme

You could be a Supreme, but you could also be a Great....
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You are definitely a Supreme!!!!
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