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These Students At Carnegie Mellon Made A Self Driving Fishtank

And it's lit.

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Meet Scuba Suresh, the world's first self-driving fish.

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Aaron P., Zach N., Alex K., and Jess C. are seniors at Carnegie Mellon in the College of Engineering who participated in the school's annual Build 18 competition in which students get a week to build an innovative product on a tight budget.

Imaginative as ever, all of the projects were amazing, but Scuba Suresh stood out with the video quickly going viral. In the spirit of imagination, the student body president's cabinet also held a competition to name the fish and Scuba Suresh -- a play on the university's president Subra Suresh-- won out, though there were some other amazing suggestions (see some below!)

* Zamboni Jambalaya

* Bubbles

* Francis

* Fishy McFishface

* SharkBait

* Captain Nemo

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