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PSA: We Need More Beer-Themed Emojis

We shouldn't be confined to only sending light colored beers in beer mugs. Guinness wants your help in bringing a #StoutMoji to keyboards around the world.

Since the dawn of time, humankind has used symbols to convey messages.

Though our language has rapidly evolved over time, we have relied on a series of trusty symbols as a universal way to communicate with our brothers and sisters worldwide.

There are now hundreds of symbols universally recognized that we use to express ourselves.

According to, these symbols are called emojis.

These emojis have been created for multiple platforms and are available to virtually anyone. From grandparents... infants.

They can be used to add a touch of humor to things.

They can also be used to entice a friend or congratulate them.

You can offer them a celebratory 🍺 for a job well done.


...if you want to congratulate or console your friend with, say, a dark beer emoji, you're out of luck.

No, you are confined to using only these seven symbols.

Thankfully, it's not like there are that many variations of alcohol in the world...

...and we're pretty limited when it comes to beer and wine selections...

...and it's not like the beer emoji is that popular anyways...

If I click my heels three times, will a delicious 🍺show up at my desk? It's 3 A.M. and I'm still working. 🙏🏻🍺

JK. On Twitter alone, the clinking beer mugs have been used 11,247,645 times, and the single beer mug has been used 5,049,532 times.

If we can have three types of ice cream...

...and three variations of rice.

Let us have more beer options.

At Guinness, we think all beers should get a fair shot on your keyboard. That's why we're pushing for the #StoutMoji, and we need your help.

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