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Dear Dark Beer, This Post Is For You

We want to stout your name from the top of a mountain for the whole world to hear. We want a #Stoutmoji so we can express our love for thee.

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Dear dark beer, we think it's time we had the talk.

You know, a DTR as they call them "on the lines."

*clears throat*

We were all new to the beer game. We had just begun this journey and were feeling adventurous.


Of course there were pale ales, IPAs, and lagers, and they were fine, but there was always this feeling that there was something more. It was time to branch out, try something different, something edgy, something a bit wilder.

There you sat at the bar, glistening amidst the sea of light-colored beer taps. The bartender pulled the lever, and you revealed yourself before our eyes.

It was such a beautiful, rich, dark brown color. The foam looked delectable as it cascaded down and swirled in the glass.

The frothy head settled and situated itself at the top of the glass. Slowly, we brought you closer and closer before you brushed our lips, and in that moment the stars aligned.

Notes of smoky chocolate and coffee danced upon our taste buds. We sipped again with glee, licking away the foam that had hugged the ends of our lips.

Many occasions were shared together. Like that St. Patrick's Day when we learned there was more than one way to enjoy you.


We could chase you with a shot, drop a shot in you, or just enjoy you plain and simple. Plain and simple is quite all right.

Over the years, we got to know each other better. We did more things together.

We shared many talks with our mates together. And we created a ton of memories.

And how we rambled nervously about whether or not to ask them out?

How about when we were stressing over our future, and you were all like, "Whatever happens, I'll always be here."

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You always knew just what to say, and you always filled everyone will positivity and cheer.